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Are you finding that more and more people are working remotely in your organization?  Are you concerned about their productivity?  Have your employees expressed frustration with virtual work - technologies or people?  Are your employees trained to leverage the productivity, expertise, and cost benefits of remote work and virtual teams?  Are you using virtual teams to give your company a competitive and strategic advantage?  

People have asked the question, “Is working virtually a passing fad?”   Current research shows that virtual teams and remote work are not going away. In fact, predictions are that the work environment of the future will not be an office in a building owned by a company, but work will be dispersed in people’s homes. With technology advances and lower costs for the technology, the work can be done from anywhere and that creates a new team dynamic for which most companies are unprepared.  

Those companies who assume that a team is a team will be surprised to learn that it isn't true.  Virtual teams can be a challenge since they are rarely, if ever, face-to-face, cannot use body language to fully interpret meaning, are constrained by tone and style, must adjust to time zone differences, and much more.

This practical and interactive workshop provides “real world” tools for the purpose of facilitating the organization’s ability to bring together a group of people who will learn to:

  • Understand and appreciate the differences between working in a virtual team and being a part of a face-to-face team. 
  • Through benchmark data, gain insights into the growing importance and complexity of working “virtually” by delving into the lessons learned to-date by others.  
  • Understand how personal style will enable and sustain a virtual team. 
  • Identify constructive and destructive behaviors that can energize or discourage the collaboration required for a virtual team to be successful.
  • Gain techniques and methodologies to support positive interactions, concise communications, and collaborative problem-solving to solidify the processes and procedures to be used by the team.
  • Experience “real world” team situations through experiential exercises designed to emulate the virtual environment in a controlled and educational format. 

​This workshop is originally designed as a two-day program that includes a half-day activity to experience problem solving in a virtual team environment, but can be easily broken down to a one-day session, with the content customized to your needs.  

The complete workshop facilitates the organization’s ability to bring together a group of people who are expected to work interdependently, share the same purpose across time, space and organizational boundaries, use various shared technologies and communications tools, and collaborate to accomplish the required tasks and organizational targets with minimal or no face-to-face interaction in a safe training environment where challenges and conflict can be experienced, easily resolved, and learning can occur.   

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Maximizing the Benefits of a Virtual Work Environment