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Are you facing a merger/acquisition that will lead to job eliminations? Are you facing a merger or acquisition that will force you to choose which employees will remain with your organization and which will be terminated? Is there a closing of a site or the relocation of a function in the near future? Will outsourcing lead to eliminated positions? Do you need to downsize?  Do you know that you can maintain trust and engagement during a transition - both in your impacted employees and in those who will be remaining with you?  

Eliminating, merging, or relocating positions is a hard decision for management and a difficult change for all employees. There are ways to prevent these changes from leading to lower morale, decreased productivity, and lost loyalty. Proactively working to support the people impacted not only provides benefit to those facing job loss, but also strengthens the engagement of those who will remain. People care very much about how their colleagues are treated. How organizations behave in these difficult transitions drives how employees feel about their jobs, their relationship with management, their work output, and even their loyalty. The trick to successful organizational transition is to support those facing job loss before they leave so that those who are left can move ahead in a positive way without any residual guilt for remaining employed.   

We offer programs to help organizations transparently and fairly select the best employees for open positions while helping the affected employees to prepare for a successful job search, either internally or externally, during the time that they are still employed. We believe that helping active affected employees provides them with hope, feelings of control, and the commitment to maintain productivity and transition their work and roles successfully.  

We offer:
  • Guidance in determning the organizational needs based on the business strategies and support in planning and implementing the resulting decisions.  
  • Targeted consulting to help organizations develop a high-integrity selection process that meets the short and long-term strategic business goals of the organization. 
  • Customized workshops to help employees prepare for the upcoming life changes, whether it is inside or outside the organization. The result is that the employees will be able to hit the ground running with the tools and confidence necessary for a successful transition immediately after their job is eliminated.
  • One-on-one tailored outplacement services including career coaching, resume/cover letters, LinkedIn training and support, job search strategies, and value/brand identification.  

C&C Consulting is highly experienced in organizational transitions that have included reductions in the workforce, acquisition and merger of workforces, restructuring of workflows and accountabilities, re-skilling of professionals for improved results, and divestiture activities that impact cross-sections of people.  

Contact us and let's discuss what you are thinking about to keep your business profitable.  

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