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Do you have a solid success plan?  Are you concerned about how you will grow your future leaders?  Can you identify three ready candidates for key leadership positions?  Do you have a competitive strategy for sourcing new talent?  Are you engaging your existing talent?  Are you an employer of choice and, if so, how do you measure it?  Is your staffing strategy built around an easily identifiable brand?     

Have you heard someone in your organization say, “We need the right person in the right place at the right time with the right skills,” and did you understand what he or she meant?   It sounds great, but there is nothing more challenging in your organization than having the “four rights” for each of your key positions, let alone the total organization. Is this even a realistic goal for an organization that is focused on meeting customer requirements, trying to meet the expectations of the stakeholders, delivering a level of profitability to support the attraction and retention of top people, and providing for the needs of the general employee population which delivers the “bench strength” that is so critical to sustainability? 

There are techniques, tools, concepts and proven applications to move your organization closer to the reality of the “four rights” at each level in your organization or across the general population.  

We can help you 
  • analyze your current situation, 
  • define the future vision, 
  • identify the gaps, 
  • develop action plans to close the gaps, and 
  • implement the strategies to put the “four rights” into motion.  

We use simple processes built around maximizing objectivity, building external relationships, and developing your internal talent. In less time than you can imagine, you can be moving from “no rights” to “four rights” through our proven techniques and well-defined methodologies. This is not a standardized program.  It needs to be built from the ground up, or from the foundations that you have already laid, to align with your culture and your vision of the future. ​

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Strategic Staffing and Talent Management for Long-Term Success