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Are you facing major change in your organization or your department?  Do you need help in engaging people's minds and hearts to move them successfully to a new future?  Do you know how to initiate and sustain long-lasting change in your organization?  How do you explain the need for change to your employees - is it cost savings, is it market re-positioning, is it competitive pressures?  

Change is not just about introducing a new process or information system. It is more than visioning, mission statements, and employee meetings. Change is about individual behavior and identifying the win-win that encourages people to let go of the “old” and embrace the “new” so that the total organization can move in the right direction.  The more employees understand the reasons behind the change, the more willing they will be to accept the change. Communication is key.  

We offer in-depth experience in working with change processes in organizations and with teams to build a more sustainable future.  It requires significant behavioral change, which will inevitably be met with resistance.  We are well equipped to provide employee, manager, and leader training on how to effectively manage personal and organizational change using multiple delivery techniques, including interventions, facilitation, visioning, consulting, project management, and staff support.  

People do not change because they are told that they need to do it, nor do they change because they hear that the company is facing financial issues. People change when they realize that it is to their own personal benefit to alter their behavior. To effectively change our own behaviors, we must be well-grounded and self-aware.  

This series, adaptable to your needs and to your company’s culture, guides individuals through a process that links them with the realities of what is going on around them, why there is a need for change, and how that need impacts them personally. Well-thought-out exercises provide personal insights for self-discovery and self-awareness, links the individual to the challenges faced by the company, and emphasizes the importance of change at the individual level in order to move the organization forward.  

              The standard program is in 3 modules:  

              (1) Preparing for Change
                   covering normal individual reactions to change, resistance as a natural force that must be overcome, and
                   the benefits of being flexible and adaptable in the workplace.

              (2) Managing Your Future 
                   coaching the individual through the significant decision points and choices that are  required to deliver the
                   best performance in the workplace and to accept the necessity of the business decisions and its personal reality.

             (3) Leading People During Change
                  providing concepts, applications and insights to the organization’s managers so that they can provide the needed
                  support to their own people and can voice their own confidence in the direction of the company.  

This program was developed so that it is adaptable to the needs of the company or the individuals involved by increasing/decreasing the number of modules and adjusting the content of each segment of the program to reach the company’s goal in offering the program to its employees.  

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Navigating Organizational Change: Preparing, Managing, and Leading