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Do the members of your organization feel stuck? Do they know how to move to the next level? Do they lack confidence? Are they confused about the next steps to take in their careers? Are you going to lose your high performers because they don’t see opportunities in your organization?

Career development within organizations is a strategic tool that is often overlooked. Organizations may ask their members to manage their own careers, but often neglect to provide the tools, information, and support that will allow them to find what they need internally. Consequently, employees too often look outside the organization for career growth. Take control of your talent by helping them manage their careers in your organization. This not only benefits your employees, but also your organization. Strategically offering career management will increase bench strength, develop talent, engage employees, and lead to higher retention. 

Career management is not an easy task. Now more than ever, instability and changing jobs, and sometimes careers, are the norm. Many people don’t know how to create a career strategy or to ensure that they stay marketable. We no longer know what the future will bring. On the other side of the coin, organizations need constantly evolving, adaptable and skilled employees; therefore, it is a win/win strategy for organizations and employees to consciously and proactively drive a marketable and sustainable career plan. Doing so provides mutual benefits that include:
      •Motivated and engaged employees.
      •Increased skill and knowledge.
      •Ability to adapt to change. 
      •Lessened insecurity during organizational change and realignment.
      •Heightened confidence and willingness to learn.  

In support of these goals we offer:
  • A template to help employees and students identify their career and life strategy.
  • Coaching and consulting support to help them identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Optional assessments to determine career interests, personality type, communication style, leadership characteristics, stressors and unique strengths.
  • A template to identify developmental gaps and an action plan to help close those gaps.
  • One-on-one coaching to develop a personal career strategy.  

Working closely with your organization, C&C Consulting can offer training programs, career/personality/interest assessments, one-on-one career coaching, and individual guidance to help your employees/students find a fit for their interests, ambitions, and strengths, creating a win/win result of marketability for the individual and engagement/retention for the company.  

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