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Do you need to step your employees' performance up a notch or two?  Do you too often see or hear people in the hallway or in meetings mishandling a situation or creating an insurmountable obstacle with words?  Are your employees energized, engaged, ready to go the extra mile at a moment's notice?  Are your leaders practicing the right behaviors to increase productivity in their groups?  How do you handle difficult people?  What happens when your technical expert turns out to be one of your poorest managers of people?  And what is "high performance" anyway?  

​In a unique and comfortable format, we offer practical applications supported by the theories and concepts that have made “high performance” a catch-word for maximizing productivity in the workplace. This interactive exploration of tools and proven techniques will provide you or your team with a fresh perspective, transferable applications, personal insights, reference resources, and individual coaching to address specific issues or to manage the need for change.  

This course can be customized to your culture and immediate needs while retaining the core content that is specific and applicable to people behavior, attitude, and performance in any environment. As a bonus, C&C Consulting offers individual coaching to attendees once they return to the workplace so that the concepts can be more effectively applied and the learning solidified through real-life interactions and follow up.  

The standard 6-hour program covers:  
  • coaching concepts, 
  • defining high performance for you or your organization, 
  • understanding Human Resources’ role in coaching for high performance, 
  • situational coaching, 
  • developing a culture of high performance, and 
  • interactive exercises that provide hands-on experience with the concepts and individual learning about how to apply them.  

The program length and content can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

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Coaching for High Performance