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Do your leaders need a stepping stone to move from managers to true leaders?  Are the employees who report to those leaders motivated, energized, and inspired?  Is there conflict that seems to be out of control in some areas?  Are there disgruntled employees who are trying to leave one leader and report to another?  Are your leaders self-aware?  Do they manage their interactions well?  Do they network and build trust easily?  

Our Leadership Development and Effectiveness ​workshop is designed as a three-part leadership training series that can be fully tailored to meet your specific needs and those of your organization's leaders.   Modules focusing on other leader competencies can also be designed at your request, such as decision making, performance management, strategic planning, etc.   

Module 1:  Leader Development
  • Leader Development is designed to teach participating leaders how to enhance and develop their leadership effectiveness using the principles of psychological type.  This module begins by encouraging leaders to become aware of their typical paths in daily activities and what happens if they overuse or underuse their natural tendencies.  This leads to an exploration of both acknowledged and unacknowledged leader strengths and vulnerabilities as well as an investigation of the core processes in leadership development.  Participants explore development options and work on creating their own development plans.  The workshop concludes by investigating leader values that can engender awareness of important, larger potential contributions and inspire transformations in those whom they lead.  

  • At the end of this workshop, leaders will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to recognize their leadership strengths and potential blind spots, be able to identify and use five key type-related values that promote effective leadership, and create a development plan for enhancing their leadership effectiveness through conscious behavior modification using the principles of type.  

Module 2:  Leader Communication
  • Leader Communication explores the important links between psychological type and leader style.  Leaders who participate in this workshop will realize that personality type is a dynamic model that can support them in their communication of ideas and instructions to others and, equally important, in being effective listeners.  This workshop explores the rich differences in style and making yourself understood to very different, and sometimes difficult, audiences.  Exercises will help the participant identify strengths of the different types as well as the potential for miscues, misunderstandings, and conflict.  This workshop will increase leader effectiveness in the key competency of communications.  

  • At the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to communicate more completely, listen more intently, and ultimately build more productive relationships.  

Module 3:  Leader Problem Solving
  • Leader Problem Solving is a workshop designed to present leaders with a comprehensive aproach to problem solving based on the principles of psychological type.  The activities allow participants to select one complex problem from their own sphere of leadership for use as a practical learning tool to illustrate a type model.  Stages of the type model include setting up the problem, listening for differences, maximizing perceptions, recognizing biases, reframing problems as part of a system, and managing the resolution.  The workshop explores each psychological type's natural approach to problems and how to address them. 

  • After completion, leaders will be able to identify key processes that promote productive problem solving, develop strategies for recognizing biases and reframing issues, and create an effective problem-solving environment.  

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