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Is your organization moving more and more into the international environment or are you already active in the global arena?  Does your Human Resources (HR) department have the tools and knowledge to manage their functional areas in other countries and across cultures?  Do have unmanaged risk because your HR professionals are unaware of the laws, customs, and cultures in the countries in which you operate?  Have you wondered how to bring your HR people up to speed in performing their global responsibilities?    

The imperative is clear – more and more businesses are becoming global. This simple fact is driving significant change in the way Human Resources must operate to support their expanding responsibilities. Understanding the global transition is critical. New areas of expertise are needed. A first step is training and awareness. We offer a course that introduces HR professionals to the global arena in a risk-free and interactive way that provides deeper insight for greater success. 

C&C Consulting has designed an expansive workshop to educate your HR organization, or those who might be interested in learning more about international Human Resources, that can be customized to fit your needs. This program covers all aspects of the movement of businesses from local to global and the impact that has had on the function of Human Resources. Included in the program are practical exercises, tips and checklists to provide ways for local HR representatives, and those interested in being more internationally literate, to transition themselves to global professionals, ready to move into the international arena. 

This course was designed in three 3-hour modules that build from basic concepts to the more complex cultural and legal issues that HR people around the world face on a daily basis.  The course can be customized to fit the educational needs and experience levels of your HR people:  

  • Part 1:  From the Beginning (The History and Future of HR)
  • Part 2:  The International Challenges of HR (Integrating and Balancing Local and Global HR Functions)
  • Part 3:  Global HR and Organizational Behavior (Understanding and Managing Cultural Differences)

This course includes interactive assignments and a self-assessment of cultural awareness along with practical suggestions for individuals to gain a higher comfort with international relations without leaving the United States.  

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Moving Human Resources into the Global Arena