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  • BASF Corporation
  • Ciba Corporation
  • DHL Express
  • Forsyth Technical Community College
  • KEYper Systems
  • Nufarm
  • Polypore Inc.
  • The HR Group
  • The HUMAN Approach

"They (C&C) were able to provide a customized approach that aligned with our culture, fit our budget, and met our timeline. They are consummate professionals - our program is a success thanks to their leadership, knowledge, dedication, and structure. Not only were they top-notch, but they were fun, energizing, and motivating.  You can't go wrong with C&C."                                                
▪ Director
Cherie and Carol were instrumental in driving key activities for an acquisition/integration where speed was of the essence. Carol ensured everyone involved stayed on-task and on-time by leading the Project Management Office that defined and tracked the various workflows. Cherie led the staffing process and ensured that the combined organizational structure included top talent from both organizations.  Although Carol and Cherie focused on different deliverables, they worked together behind the scenes to proactively identify issues, rally resources, and avoid or eliminate obstacles. Their efforts paid off significantly. We were able to avoid much of the natural resistance to change that can occur in an acquisition/integration situation. The project set a new standard for how an integration should be accomplished. Cherie and Carol weren't content to simply call the project successful. They were instrumental in pushing us to document our processes and learnings so that we could replicate the outcomes and impact in future acquisitions.” 
▪ Vice President

I recently had to notify 18 long-tenured employees that they will be downsized at the end of the year. While they were all to receive a severance package which included outplacement, I wanted them to be able to begin the process of developing the tools to position themselves for the changes ahead.  Carol came in to prepare the employees for the transition. She started with guiding them to create their own branding for the development of their resumes. She then trained them on how to utilize today’s social media and ended with interview skills and techniques.  C&C customized the approach for the demographics and provided sustainable solutions that were a right fit for the group. The feedback has been extremely positive and the employees are now armed with valuable tools and realistic expectations."                                                                                            
▪ Manager

"Carol worked with us on a performance-based compensation package  focused on identifying, rewarding, and maintaining the right behaviors. She  delivered a fresh perspective that was relevant and the results have increased our productivity ten-fold.  C&C's insights and the work they did provided us with valuable tools to identify solutions that would drive our business in a compelling way."                                
▪ Executive Vice President
“I brought Cherie into an organizational dilemma that had evolved from simple resistance to in-fighting and productivity loss. She was able to put structure around the issues, educate the management team, coach them in handling the changes needed, and offer them sound logic and direct feedback on the reality of the actions that would need to be taken. Ultimately, the management team accepted responsibility and began holding the disrupters accountable for their actions.  C&C's approach reinforced the management team’s role as the decision-makers and helped them to set the boundaries around acceptable behaviors."                            
▪ President
“As counsel on employee relations and benefits issues, I worked collaboratively with Carol and Cherie for many years, with emphasis on corporate reorganizations, leadership and career development, and strategic staffing. They bring not only years of experience in these areas but also a quest to continue to acquire knowledge and expertise and remain ahead of the curve. As proficient and efficient as they are, they never lose their integrity, sense of humor, or perspective. These are among the reasons why I continue to recommend them to other corporations and colleagues.  Individually, each of these women shines; together, they are powerful."                                                                              
▪ Former Deputy General Counsel